15 Sept 2017 by Josh

BREW LOG — Milky Way (5.4% Milk Stout)

Here is my first in a series of BrewLogs. Here I’m going to dry and document a recipe as well as I can (for my benefit, as well as anyone who may read) as I have a habit of being a bit spontaneous when brewing these days. The first one is a Milk stout based on a dry irish stout recipe.

I have to start with a confession, I did something a bit reckless with this recipe. I kind of enjoy a tiny bit of alcohol heat in a roasty beer (Bad, I know) so I did throw in 70g of dextrose in at the end of the boil.

Here’s the recipe.

9-11 lbs 2-row
1 lb Barley Flakes
1 lb Roast Barley>
15 AAU Zeus (0.90 oz)
70g Dextrose
140g Lactose
Wyeast 1084 Yest

I wanted to keep the recipe super simple, and just try and let the quality of the brewing and the great water I’ve got to brew with shine through. The tap water in Vancouver is said to be one of the best water profiles in the world to brew with.

I mashed in at 80°C and achieved a pretty good 69°C mash for 75 mins, then sparged for around half an hour achieving a full 5 gallon boil. Having made this recipe before I opted for a nearly 80 minute boil with hop addition at 10 minutes in. This was to achieve a slightly higher O.G and also get a little more bitterness from the hops. Lactose and Dextrose went in at 5 mins to go.

While I was brewing this at the end of August, usually a cooler time in the UK, in Vancouver it was averaging between 25 and 30°C daily. I had to cool to a pitching temp of 16°C to combat this, which actually didn’t effect the yeast at all, it seemed to like it.

We got an O.G of 1.055 and over a fermentation and secondary phase of about 25 days I bottled at 1.013. The conditioned beer turned out fantastic, with a super roasty character and no alcohol burn but a definite kick over the standard recipe. Will brew again.

P.s my girlfriend named the beer.

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