19 Nov 2017 by Josh

Casked off.

I'm from Yorkshire, therefore I like beer. I grew up drinking mainly cask conditioned ale and I love the stuff. However is the growth of ever more densely hopped, and expensive to produce beers in the ‘craft’ sector killing cask?

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18 Sept 2017 by Josh

There's more to life than IPA

This is no hop hate, just a wee rant. Are we going hopping mad? Yes, it’s an industry staple. Yes, it’s the beer that kickstarted the current (and exponential) growth in the craft beer industry. But there’s more to life than IPA, right?

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15 Sept 2017 by Josh

BREW LOG — Milky Way (5.4% Milk Stout)

Here is my first in a series of BrewLogs. Here I’m going to dry and document a recipe as well as I can (for my benefit, as well as anyone who may read) as I have a habit of being a bit spontaneous when brewing these days. The first one is a Milk stout based on a dry irish stout recipe.

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07 Sept 2017 by Josh

I'm new here

I’m Josh, a graphic designer by day, beer enthusiast and brewer by night. I’ll mainly be banging on about beer, brewing and the industry at large. All views are my own and are probably nonsense. Read at your own risk.

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